adi tendler עדי טנדלר

Adi Tendler


Studio Marca accompanies businesses throughout the entire branding process, from start to finish. The studio builds up the foundations of the business’ identity and visibility, all designated to stand out in all social media channels.

Starting off with custom-made visual strategy, through branding and building the wholesome design concept – we set the very soul and DNA of the business. Next step, we continue to complementary products, web design, and website development.

Even when our work is done (design and technicalities), we are still there for you, when you make your first steps, and stay with you when you deep dive into the naturally mis-conceptualizing world of digital marketing.

Our studio’s DNA is built on the values of uncompromised quality of service, the love of people, and personal connection, where every single detail is important just as much.

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